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Staffordshire Liberty Blue
The Benjamin Franklin Federal Savings and Loan was a large
financial institution in the Pacific Northwest.  It was established in
1925 and the first office opened in Portland, Oregon.  In order to
commemorate their 50th anniversary in 1975, the Board of
Directors looked for something special to offer their account
holders.  They contacted the Enoch Wedgwood Company, located
in the historic Staffordshire district of England, to develop a
unique pattern of ironstone dinnerware for the Benjamin
Franklin S & L.  The result was the blue and white Liberty Blue
design that was made exclusively for them.  

Fifteen different historic scenes from the American colonial period
were used on the Liberty Blue dinnerware.  The border has a
mixture of wild flowers, and a historic scene is in the center of
each piece.  On the backs, most pieces have a unique backstamp
with an eagle holding a flag shield and in the center there is a
banner with the words”Original copper engravings of historic
colonial scenes printed on Staffordshire Ironstone.  Detergent and
Dishwasher safe.”  Above the eagle are the words “Liberty Blue.”
Directly below the shield are the words “Made in England.”
Finally, at the bottom, is the name of the scene.

It is ironic that this Colonial American design was created in
England, since this dinnerware was made to coincide with the
American Bicentennial of Independence from England that was
celebrated in 1976.

Liberty Blue dinnerware was made for two years and coincided
with the American Bicentennial celebrations.  In the October,
1976, issue of the Benjamin Franklin S & L’s newsletter, an
article was written announcing the end of the promotion on
December 31st.

Sometime after 1976, the Liberty Blue dinnerware design was
released to be sold in national grocery stores on a limited run.  
For so many dollar purchases of groceries, you could buy a
different piece.  Each week there would be a different item to

This article contains excerpts from book Liberty Blue Dinnerware
by Debbie and Randy Coe.  Published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd.  
Copyright 2002.

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